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Top 8 Gag Gifts this year

Posted by shags on December 13, 2012

Have a jokester in your family or group of friend???  Maybe you just like giving funny gifts.  Here’s a list of the Top 8 gag gifts this year.

#8: Bacon Flavored Frosting

#7:  Star Trek Oven Mitt (kinda looks like the shocker)

#6: Fake Tattoo Sleeve (please don’t ever wear this)

#5: Inflatable Wreath

#4: Mistletoe – to- Go (For the creeper in your life)

#3: Kilt Bath Towel

#2: Pro Thumb Wrestling Ring (Bad Ass)

#1: Cell Lock Up

Full story at CNBC.  What are you thoughts? Cool or Stupid gifts….Leave your comments below.  Happy Holidays!


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