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Was Guns N’ Roses’ Music Sexist?

Recently reunited Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash was asked if the band’s music had “aged well” in the modern era of music with the #MeToo Movement.

In the interview with Yahoo! Music, Slash said, “I’ve never thought of that. It’s never crossed my mind. I mean, I think when the #MeToo thing really blew up, the thought crossed my mind of a bunch of musicians . . . (who might be implicated). But for the most part, as far as all the ones I know, it wasn’t like that.”

Slash continued, “We didn’t have that particular (predatory) relationship with girls. It was a lot more the other way around, in some cases. Anyway, so some of the songs and all that were sort of sexist in their own way, but not to be taken that seriously. I don’t think they were malicious or anything.”