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What is the Best Cut of Steak?

A lot of factors go into the “best cut” of steak. But one survey from top Steak Grill Masters may hold the answer. 

Price, size, and most importantly TASTE, all factor into what makes the best cut of steak.

But according to a survey of the seven finalists from the 2018 Steakmaster Series the best cut of steak was unanimous.


Fat = Flavor. And it’s Ribeye’s marbling that holds the secret to it’s success. The proper fat to meat ratio that ensures (when properly cooked) ever bite will satisfy your taste buds!

When it comes to size, the ribeye stacks up well. Protip: befriend your butcher to get a more generous cut.

The only downside could be in the price. Ribeye’s are among the most expensive cuts of steak. However, all the other choice cuts are hovering in the same ball park. So if you’re springing for steak, might as well spend the money on the ribeye.