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What to do on New Year’s….

Are we getting too old to rage on New Year’s?

I remember when New Year’s plans included big parties or bar hopping, all based around picking which liquor you were going to try to “stick” to all night. Rum? Vodka? Whiskey?  Then you’d end up drinking that alcohol, plus beer, plus shots, and New Year’s Day was spent recuperating until mid afternoon.

Now I’m older, with a small child, and since babysitters don’t jump out of the woodwork on New Year’s – I’m thinking of sitting at home and sharing a bottle of wine with the hubby after putting my son to bed. I know – I’m out of control!  Who knows, we might have some friends over at the last minute and party in the basement, but nothing is planned yet.

So am I the only lame-ass around? What are your plans?  Does the smoking ban in Columbia keep you from going to the bars? The older I get, I’d rather just celebrate with a few friends at a house party and avoid the amateurs.  How about you?

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