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What’s The Possibility Of A New KISS Album?

If you’re looking forward to a new album from KISS anytime soon, don’t hold your breath.

In a new interview with “The SDR Show”, KISS bassist Gene Simmons has said he’s not really interested in a new album at this point unless there’s is a good financial model for them to make it worthwhile.

Simmons cites downloading and file sharing as the biggest reason he’s not interested in recording & producing a new KISS album. Going as far as saying that he thinks people are convinced they don’t want to pay for things anymore.

He states that KISS is not a charity, but they are philanthropic & he wants to decide how much the band gives & where.

Do you think KISS needs or should put out another new album or are you happy with whats already in their vast catalog?

More details here & a link to hear the interview.

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