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When You Don’t Feel Like Working…

Which if you’re like me is most of the time.  So if you need a distraction from your hectic work schedule, then check out this webpage a friend just sent me with a few hunting games.


So when I’m out a station events the first question I’m usually asked is “what do you do when you’re not on the air?” 

Answer:  Doing nothing that contributes to the greater good of society!  You’ll usually find me playing some sort of video game… I like action games like Mortal Kombat and Counter Strike for the most part. 

Though, a friend has now got me hooked on this deer hunting game.  Now I haven’t been hunting in a few years, but this game is pretty realistic.  It’s Free and just takes a few seconds to download. 

If you’d rather shoot ducks or turkeys you can do it there too.

Try it out and see how many big bucks you can take down.


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