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Which rock stars are still cool?

It’s always surprising when you see a current photo of a rock star, and realize how much they’ve aged and/or changed.  In a perfect world, every rock star would stay young and cool forever.  But as we know – that’s not the case. Looking at these before and after pics of Axl makes you want to buy a gym membership on the spot.

Then there’s rock stars like Bret Michaels, who probably looks better now than he did in his Poison fame days.  Of course he’s had work done and wears make-up, so the “cool” factor might rank lower.

My picks for rock stars that are still cool: I’d have to say Slash still looks about the same, Bruce Springsteen can still fill out his Levi’s wonderfully and Keith Richards hasn’t aged well – but dammit, he’s still cool.

So here’s my question: Which rock stars do you think are still cool, no matter how old they get?

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