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Why Black Friday is the Worst Day to Shop

Do you shop on Black Friday?

I use to work retail, and of course Black Friday was one of the worst days to work. However, I felt that it was also one of the worst days to shop.

First, everyone else is out shopping. Traffic is ridiculous, lines are so long you need a chair, and everyone is trying to score a deal on something.

Which brings me to my second point. Why would you want to spend the night freezing your ass off just so you can get a discount on something that you don’t really need? Is the item you are after so important that you would  sacrifice sleep, warmth, and the after Thanksgiving high? Just wait for Walking Dead Season 2 to go on sale some other time, man.

Third and lastly, I find that Black Friday brings out the worst in many people. When working in retail, I would get a full range of emotions from people reacting to something being out of stock. Everything from a woman refusing to leave the store until she had an out of stock blu- ray player for her husband; to a fully grown woman crying and pleading to me that she had to have a CD for her grandson.

What are your thoughts on the day? Comment below.


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