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Will Led Zeppelin EVER reunite for a tour??

After 15 plus years in the radio business, you get a little jaded when it comes to concerts.  I know it sounds bitchy, but after seeing so many shows, many of which are multiple times of the same bands, you get to the point where you’re very selective about which shows you spend your gas and beer money on to go see. (Especially with the butt reaming price of gas these days, but that’s a whole other blog.)

With that said, when I first heard the slightest inkling that the remaining members of Led Zep might tour with John Bonham’s son Jason, I got more than a little excited.  There’s not many concerts left that can thrill me like this one.  What’s driving me nuts is the “are they or aren’t they” reports in the news.  Since I consider Led Zeppelin the best all around rock band of all time, and have never seen them perform, I’ll do just about anything to see them.  If there was any way I could’ve been at that reunion show in London, you better believe I would have gotten a second mortgage and gone with no regrets.

So now – the big question of the year – will they go on tour and come to the states?  Every week, it’s a different story.  Just today, I read an interview with Jimmy Page who says they’re ready to reunite and play more shows, but that fans will probably have to wait til Fall of 2009 since the band members have other projects to finish first.  Yeah, right – it’s just that DAMN Allison Krause that’s throwin’ the rock n’ roll cog in the wheel.  Why can’t Robert Plant leave her lame ass alone and do some real touring??  OK, so enough venting….but really, I just want to see that show – desperately…in case you can’t tell.

How much would you be willing to pay to see Led Zeppelin?

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