Win BIG $$$!!

Posted by nicci on March 19, 2014

The best rock, less repetition, AND you can win lots of money!It’s the KCMQ No Repeat Work Day Pay Day, and it’s BACK!!

Here’s how you win: Our guarantee is a no repeat work day between 9A and 5P on weekdays.  If you hear us repeat a song between those hours on any weekday from March 31st through April 25th, be the 7th caller and we’ll pay you $500!!

So basically, you cash in if we screw up.  So go ahead and program the KCMQ studio number into your phone.  It’s 573-875-1967 in Columbia or 1-800-455-1967 toll free.

Oh, and KCMQ Workforce Members get hints e-mailed to them about when those repeats will happen.  If you’re not a member, sign up now.


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