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Worst. Movies. EVER.

Within the last year or so, two movies in particular stick in my memory as being completely unwatchable.

The Arthur remake starring Russell Brand was a total bastardization of the original, and made me throw things at my flat screen.  Wow, was Russell absolutely AWFUL.  I had to turn it off halfway through, and the only good thing was that I hadn’t paid to see it at a theater…it was just a misguided order from Netflix.  But I’m still considering therapy.

And since there’s not nearly enough rock ‘n roll in movies, I tried to watch “Rock Of Ages” – even though Tom Cruise as the star should have been a red flag.  I thought, “How bad could it be? At least I’ll like the music.” Wrong!  It sucked SO hard that I kicked my own ass for renting it. 

What movies have you seen rank high on your “must never watch” list?

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