30 Years Ago: Aerosmith On Wayne’s World

Watch Aerosmith on Wayne’s World, giving a huge boost to their comeback.

After the entire band checked into rehab for drug and alcohol abuse, it wasn’t looking great for Aerosmith.  They came back, though, and came back hard!

30 years ago, Aerosmith turned in one of, if not THE greatest Wayne’s World sketches ever.  Oh, and it didn’t hurt that Tom Hanks was a roadie for the guys!



The band hasn’t been without drama recently.  Drummer, Joey Kramer, sued the band after they wouldn’t let him play at the Grammy’s.  Everything is back to normal now, as he’s rejoined the band.

Aerosmith is currently doing a residency in Las Vegas and getting ready for a world tour.

Unfortunately, they’re not CURRENTLY scheduled to come through Missouri.  See the concerts that are coming to the Show Me State on our Concert Calendar.