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RUSH To Release Super Deluxe 40th Anniversary Moving Pictures Edition


Do you love Rush? Do you love Deluxe releases? How about SUPER Deluxe?! What is this, a McDonald’s menu?? Rush just announced that they’ll be releasing a Super Deluxe Edition of Moving Pictures for their 40th Anniversary, and it is LOADED with cool stuff. It’ll come in six physical and …

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Daily Dumbass Sept. 22, 2020

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing goes right? Well, it happens to criminals too.  A 36-year-old guy in Canada got his truck stuck in the middle of nowhere on a bridge, so he decided to steal a construction vehicle to get it out.  But he didn’t …

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Daily Dumbass Aug. 27, 2020

A vehicle theft turns disastrous in Oregon.  A 59-year-old named Richard tried to rent a plane, but was denied since he doesn’t have a pilot’s license.  So he STOLE the keys to the plane, flew it away….and crashed.  Navy rescue crews found him and rushed him to the hospital, where …

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