AC/DC Beer Coming Soon

AC/DC is taking their song “Have a Drink On Me” to the next level!

The band is set to premier two beers titled: AC/DC PWR UP Juicy IPA and AC/DC TNT Double IPA.

The PWR UP Juicy IPA gets it’s name from the band’s most recent album. It contains 6.6% ABV and is described as having “massive flavors of bright passionfruit, ripe peaches, and juicy mandarin.”

The TNT Double IPA features “fresh cut grapefruit, sweet mango, and fresh pine.” and is 8.2% ABV.

The beers were brewed by CalCraft Brewing Company with final approval of the beers and can designs coming from AC/DC.

The beers are set to come out in September, but you can pre-order yours here.