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Alice Cooper Would Sing For Foo Fighters

Alice Cooper has had an amazing amount of talented musicians in his solo band over the years, but there’s one band he would front if he didn’t have his own band.

In a recent interview, Alice Cooper was asked if he wasn’t fronting his own solo band is there another band he would sing with. Alice promptly responded with the Foo Fighters. He went on to say that he admires the band because when they do cover his songs they do just like his solo band does. Alice has done many things over the years with Foo Fighters and Foo Fighters even have expressed that they are big fans of Alice Cooper’s work.

Alice even extended the invitation out to Foo Fighters saying that if they ever need a sick lead singer he would be available.

Alice praised the band because they have two of the best drummers. Not only is Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins an amazing drummer, but their leader Dave Grohl is known far & wide for his prowess behind the drum kit. Alice even remembers the first time he saw Dave perform with Nirvana and remembered how much he stuck out in the group because of his style and skill. He even went as far as saying that back in the day before Foo Fighters were a thing that if Nirvana ever broke up he wanted to go after Dave for his own band.

Alice Cooper is currently promoting his new album ‘Detroit Stories’ which was released on February 26th and was recorded with solely Detroit area musicians. But he has also been thinking about his next album which he thinks should feature his current solo backing band because of their level of musicianship & talent.

Alice’s current solo backing band consists of Tommy Henriksen on guitar, Nita Strauss on guitar, Ryan Roxie on guitar, Chuck Garric on bass, and Glen Sobel on drums.