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Origin story:

I was born on an Air Force base in Spain before moving to Hannibal, Missouri (Mark Twain’s hometown) and have lived in KC and Florida when I worked for the airlines. I moved to Columbia to be closer to my family and finish school- and finally graduate this April! I love traveling, music, and eating unhealthy food. I can justify almost anything and rarely pass on new experiences.

Favorite artists:

The Rolling Stones were my first concert, so they top the list. The Beatles, Bowie, Janis, Jimi, Dylan, Zeppelin, John Mellencamp, and Blondie are some of my favorite artists. Greta Van Fleet is making its way up there too. I like to pretend it’s still the 70’s and go to as many music festivals as I can afford.

First concert:

The Rolling Stones Bridges to Babylon tour in St. Louis 1998. My mom and neighbor drank a bottle of wine and ordered concert tickets on a whim. Mick Jagger descended down from the ceiling and launched into¬†Start Me Up. I’ve been hooked ever since. After the Stones I saw John Mellencamp and was able to get my mom up to the front row, so we’re even now. I’ve got tickets to see Greta Van Fleet this summer so I’m stoked.

Time Killers:

Live music is my favorite way to pass the time, especially when it’s outdoors. I enjoy driving, hiking with the pup (a 3-year old Australian Shepherd), collecting vinyl, baking, and perfecting my napping technique. My favorite movies are by Tarantino, have Al Pacino or Nic Cage in them, and don’t involve an animal that dies.

Special Talents:

I’m really good at finding 4-leaf clovers.