Angus Young on stage
Photo Credit: Photography Stock Ruiz Shutterstock ID: 1584658699

Angus Young’s Schoolboy Outfit Explained

It’s impossible to picture Angus Young of AC/DC not wearing his iconic schoolboy outfit while shredding on stage, but where did the idea for it come from?

In an interview with the late Malcom Young that has been posted to Amazon’s Coda Collection, Malcom revealed the idea came from their sister. Malcom told writer Greg Kot:

“My sister said, ‘Why don’t you get your school uniform with the shorts?’ She knocked that up for him and this little guy became larger than life.”

So there you go. Like most great ideas in life, it came from their sister.

Please don’t tell my sister I said that.

You can read the whole interview, which includes some interesting AC/DC history, here.