Axl Rose just Debuted a New Song…on Looney Tunes?

Axl Rose just saved the world with his new song “Rock the Rock”.

Christmas Eve was a magical night, apparently delivering the gift of new music from Axl Rose…via Looney Tunes.

In the clip called “Armageddon Outta Here, Part Two,” which you can see below, “Rose” asks the gang for directions to his gig at the local civic center. But they tell him that the concert won’t happen because an asteroid is headed straight for the Earth and will wipe everything out. “That’s a bummer,” he says, “because I bought new speakers, too.” An animated Axl launches into “Rock the Rock” with Bugs Bunny & gang, blasting their speakers loud enough to destroy the asteroid. Guns N’ Roses are fans of the Looney Tunes, and used the classic theme song for their introduction during their ‘Not in This Lifetime Tour’.

No word yet if the song is Axl’s, or if it’s intended for GNR, AC/DC, or solo material. The possibility of new music from Guns N’ Roses has been a subject of headlines in recent weeks. Guitarist Richard Fortus that they were going to try to “get it out soon… I think it’ll happen faster than you think.”

As of press time, there has been no confirmation of Rose’s actual involvement, either from the Guns N’ Roses frontman or Warner Bros, and no performance or writing credits for the song have been revealed. If that is Rose’s voice on the song, it’s his first new recording since 2008’s Chinese Democracy.

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