Monday-Friday 10p-2a, plus weekends 6p-10P

Beazl…Yes that is my real name!

What do you do at KCMQ?
Host of KCMQ After Dark.

Where did you come from?
I could tell you the actual town but you wouldn’t know it so we will just leave it at Kansas City.

Years in Radio
4 years of college radio at KMVC at Missouri Valley College and been here at KCMQ since October 2003.

What would you be doing if not in radio?
Anything that wouldn’t require any more energy than working in radio!

Source of Inspiration
Dave Attell from Comedy Central’s Insomniac cause I think I could give him a good run for his money!

Favorite Food?
French Fries, because they can go with just about anything.

What celebrity do you look most like?
My friends say I look a lot like Aaron Lewis from Staind. Which is cool for me cause I think Staind rocks!

I have a huge passion to play my drums because they are loud and it’s the best way I can express my feelings. Other than that I try that thing called sleep every once in a while, but not that often.

Movie that best describes me?
Dude, Where’s My Car, cause how can you not relate to that? Because I really can’t remember what happened last night, but I bet it was cool!

Advice you wish you received earlier?
Don’t ever trust anybody that says, “Trust me.” I know this from experience… trust me!