Kansas City Chiefs helmet
Photo Credit: Jeff Bukowski Shutterstock royalty-free stock photo ID: 791765005

Chiefs Close COVID Call Leads To Half A Haircut

Super Bowl week is not when you want to have a COVID-19 scare, but it happened to the Chiefs (don’t worry, they should be fine). It did lead to a pretty solid picture though.

According to ESPN, 20 members of the Chiefs were in line for a haircut when they found out the barber tested positive for COVID-19. They pulled him out of the room immediately, and when we say immediately, we mean IMMEDIATELY. Backup center David Kilgore was in the chair when the barber was yanked leading to Kilgore getting only half a haircut. Kilgore, who is now in COVID protocol along with wide receiver Demarcus Robinson, had some fun with the situation as you can see below.


If Kilgore and Robinson post five consecutive negative tests, they will be allowed to play on Sunday.

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