Black Crowes
(photo credit: Josh Cheuse)

Chris Robinson Asks Crowd to Shut the “F” Up

Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson asked a crowd to,  and I’m paraphrasing here… please be quiet.

The brothers of The Black Crowes Rich and Chris Robinson have set aside years of bickering and are back on tour! However, that doesn’t mean they’ve lost their bitter edge.

At a recent show at a small venue in Philidelphia, Chris Robinson asked the crowd to “Shut the F–k Up”.

According to Chris, it was difficult for the brothers to hear themselves perform with all the conversations happening in the audience.

“So if you could just shut the fuck up a little bit… We’re not gonna be up here for that long, so if you could show us a little respect, we’re happy to see you.”

It didn’t stop there.  Later in the show, he went at the crowd again going deeper into his point.

The main takeaway:

“If you can’t concentrate for a few minutes, why are we doing this? We’re happy to be here, but it’s not any fun if we can’t get into it and we can’t get into it if all I hear is conversations. What’s the point? I really wanna know. You’re f***ing grown adults you paid your money. You should f***ing pay attention,”

Go to any show at The Blue Note in Columbia and you’re bound to see and hear personal conversations going on during the show. It is perplexing that you would pay money to see a show and decide to have a conversation in a setting that does not easily allow for talking and listening.

Good news for all concert talkers! With the brothers back on tour, you’ll have an opportunity to have a private conversation while they’re on stage! The Black Crowes will be in St. Louis this Summer. As a conversation starter, we’d suggest this very topic! Ask the person next to you if they find it appropriate to have a conversation at a concert? See how that goes.

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