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Daily Dumbass Nov. 20, 2019

I’m not sure what today’s dumbass is trying to prove, but he looks stupid doing it.  A guy named Jeff is a die hard Bengals fan…and for some reason he decided to live on the roof of his restaurant until Cincinnati won a game.  He went up there Oct. 7th after the Bengals lost their fifth game….6 weeks later the Bengals are 0 and 10, and Jeff is still on that roof 23 hours every day.  He comes down only to shower and is living in a tent.  He says he’s miserable and didn’t expect to be up there that long and the only reason he did it is to ‘silence the haters’ and prove he’s a man of his word.  Um…not sure how that is silencing any haters and second, why would you say you would do that in the first place??