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Daiy Dumbass Dec. 11, 2019

If you flew somewhere over Thanksgiving, be extremely thankful today’s dumbass wasn’t on your flight.  A plane took off from Pensacola recently and when it got in the air, a woman on board said she was having breathing issues and asked if they’d move her to a bigger seat.  They did…but the pilot decided since it was a medical emergency, he’d turn around to get the woman some help. She then admitted she had faked the entire thing because she wanted a bigger seat and was too cheap to pay $19 for premium economy…then she refused to get off the plane.  She eventually was taken into custody and made to get off the plane…..which delayed everyone’s trip by at least 5 hours.  I don’t know about you, but if this silly hooker had been on my plane, I would have whooped her ass myself.