Def Leppard
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Def Leppard New Merch Supports Crew

After the announcement of the Def Leppard tour being postponed to 2021, the band has released new merch to support their crew during the pandemic.

Def Leppard announced the new merchandise on their Instagram page,

“During the past few months we’ve been going through the Def Leppard vaults… and came across these vintage crew shirts! So we decided to create a limited-edition merch line inspired by these authentic touring/local crew shirt designs to support our crew – without whom our shows wouldn’t happen. Net proceeds from the sale DIRECTLY BENEFITS the Def Leppard crew!”

You can see the new limited-edition merch at Def Leppard’s website. Classy move by the band to do something to help out the guys who help them year in and year out!

The 2020 Def Leppard stadium tour with Motley Crue, Poison, & Joan Jett has been postponed to 2021, including the date scheduled for St. Louis.