“Doll in the Hall” is the Halloween version of “Elf on the Shelf”

Here’s a creepy Halloween prank you can pull on your kids all month long.

Growing up my mom would make our Halloween costumes, bake treats, and come supervise our classroom parties. Other moms do it differently- like Natasha, who chooses instead to hide a creepy doll around the house and letting her kids believe it moves at night.

Mother Krystah explains why she chooses to traumatize her children on her Facebook page:

“Instead of an Elf on the Shelf in December, I’m doing a Doll in the Hall in October. Basically you take a creepy Annabelle porcelain doll that your kids already believe is haunted and keep secretly moving it around the house.”

“For an extra festive touch I put the doll right in bed with one of the kids whenever they throw it in the trash. It’s day 3 and they want to move.”

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