Elton sings “Tiny Dancer” with Taron Egerton at Oscars Party

Egerton, who plays Elton in the upcoming biopic Rocketman, performed alongside ‘The Rocket Man’ at a benefit Sunday night.

An impromptu performance by Taron Egerton and Elton John at an Oscars party have given us a taste of what to expect from the upcoming biopic Rocketman. Egerton teased his upcoming performance of Elton with a duet of “Tiny Dancer” in front of a rapt crowd. Egerton will sing all of John’s songs in Rocketman, and his version of “Tiny Dancer” was featured in the film’s most recent trailer.

Paramount Pictures has released the full trailer for Rocketman, a movie about the life of Elton John starring Taron Egerton as the rock legend. Watch it here.

Rocketman launches in theaters May 31st, 2019!