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Supplement Superstores
This time of year many of us are looking to lose body fat, achieve a leaner physique, and get that body we want! But doing this isn’t always that easy … and that’s where the Royal 21 King Weight Loss System comes in! SAY MY NAME SHAGS AND GET 25% OFF 1DB OVERDRIVE OR GODDESS! 



Graf & Sons
Graf’s in a massive online retailer who has it’s HQ in Mexico, Mo.! They’re deeply passionate about our community and enhancing your shooting experience. And since they have a giant warehouse in the back of the store to help store they’re online merchandise, chances are they’ll have what you’re looking for!

Magic Car & Pet Wash
Large or small they wash it all at Magic Car & Pet Wash! From Lawn Mowers to RV’s and everything in between! You can also wash on your schedule since they’re open 24/7! Their pet wash is a game changer! Makes giving my dogs a bath easier on my back, easier on my dogs, and no clean up after the shake!

State Tech 
It doesn’t take long after you tour the campus and talk with a few students to get impressed with State Tech in Linn. A 98% placement rate means their students are getting jobs, many of them before they even graduate! Choose from over 30 degree and certificate programs and find your new career at State Tech!

Lee’s Tire Company

For nearly 50 years, Lee’s Tire Company has been the trusted, local choice for maintenance and of course tires! Their 36/36 Guarantee means your tires have a nationwide warranty for 36,000 miles or 36 months! Plus it’s not just cars and trucks they have tires for. Your lawnmower, boat trailer, tractor, go-cart! If it’s round and rubber Lee’s sell’s it, at Lee’s Tire Company!