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Feral Hogs are Menacing Missouri

Hogs on the loose in Missouri.

Missouri Department of Conservation urges Missourians to no longer shoot feral hogs in attempts to control the population.

For years the Missouri Department of Conservation has told landowners to shoot feral hogs on sight, but now are urging residents not to shoot. The reasoning being is that shooting feral hogs hasn’t stopped the problem, since their population is increasing.

The MDC feral hog strike team removed 6,567 hogs in 2017 from Missouri instead of shooting on site. Since most of Missouri land is privately owned, it is crucial that owners realize shooting on site should no longer be an option. Regulations against feral hog hunting on land owned by the MDC the Corps of Engineers and the LAD Foundation have been set, for 20 years there were no regulations on hunting hogs.

Feral hogs are a threat to fish, forests, wildlife, and agriculture. An estimate of $1.5 billion of economic loss is due to hogs each year. In the past 30 years feral hogs have expanded from being in 17 to 38 states. The population increases so quickly due to being able to breed anytime of the year and every 12 to 15 months.

To report feral hog sightings or damage, go online to mdc.mo.gov/feralhog.