Find KCMQ Rocks And Win

You know KCMQ Rocks…but did you know KCMQ has Rocks? We do and if you find them, you’ll win!

We will be hiding rocks around Mid-Missouri and if you find one, it’ll be worth money! Starting Monday morning, we’ll give clues out at 7:35, 11:35, and 3:35 to help you find the rocks. We’ll start at $100, but for each weekday that goes by without someone finding the rock, we’ll add $100 to the pot.

As always, KCMQ Workforce members will get inside information to help find the rocks so sign up today if you haven’t yet (upper right side of the page).

KCMQ Rocks is back to load up your bank account!


Congrats to Jessie from Columbia! She is clearly the world’s greatest detective, found our first (Shags) rock, and won herself $200! 

(Please note that the rock in the picture on this post is NOT the rock you’re looking for. The rock in the picture is very big and we couldn’t lift it)

KCMQ Rocks Contest Rules