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Foods That Are Not Worth The Effort Of Homemade

Homemade food is always better, right?! Not according to Morning Shag listeners!

Shags and Trevor asked listeners ‘What foods are not worth the effort of being homemade’. Of course Shags said all of them. But for a more informed list, see below:

  • Pizza – sure your homemade pizza tastes good. But to be fair, it’s difficult to make bad pizza! The real question is, is the taste of your pizza worth all that effort? When the alternative is a phone call + delivery, it’s hard to beat your favorite pizza joint doing all that work.
  • Lasagna – Stoffer’s has the lasagna recipe down! It’s straight up delicious! And all you have to do is put it in the oven for an hour to feed the whole family! It’s a no brainer.
  • Bread – Admittedly, this was a controversial choice for many. Homemade bread certainly is delicious and far superior to store bought. However, the argument was made that by going to the bakery to get a finer loaf to save yourself the constant kneading and rising of dough saved time and energy, while still giving you great bread.
  • Doughnuts – This is a gimme. Store bought donuts are cheap, delicious, and incredibly difficult to improve upon at home. Why even try?
  • Candy – Store bought is cheap, readily available, and carries with it the sweetest thing of all… nostalgia. Sure you can create your own confectionary concoction. And in the process figure out how to melt chocolate without burning it, dirty every dish you have, and turn your kitchen into a sugary war zone. Or, go by a Hershey Bar.

Are there any other foods that aren’t worth the effort of homemade? Or do you disagree with our picks? Let us know our Facebook page.

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