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Geddy Lee On A Rush Unreleased Library Of Music

For those who are huge Rush fans & hoping one day the surviving members of the band will release music from their vault, there’s one problem to that.

Bassist & singer Geddy Lee has revealed that there’s nothing in those so-called vaults in a new interview with Rolling Stone. He said there might be some half-finished demos, but nothing full & those demos probably don’t even have any drums from Neil Peart on them either.

Lee stated that when he would demo songs with guitarist Alex Lifeson that if they didn’t like it or felt that it wasn’t going anywhere, there’s no reason to beat a dead horse.

In a previous interview, both Lee & Lifeson have stated there’s no unheard material with drummer Neil Peart that in any kind of vault waiting to be released one day.

Lee even pointed out that even as he got older his patience for staying on a song to work things out started getting thinner & thinner. If it wasn’t coming together they trashed it and then moved forward with the next thing.

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