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Guitarist’s Parrot Sings Along To Classic Rock Songs

When you’re a parrot and your owner is a great guitarist, the music comes naturally.

A YouTuber named Frank Maglio is a really good guitarist and during the quarantine, he spent a lot of time with his green parrot Tico. With Maglio able to replicate some great classic rock songs on his guitar Tico held up his end by providing some amazing “singing” & whistling to the songs.

Parrots are one of the most intelligent birds giving them the ability to imitate human speech. Their brain-to-body ratio is comparable to higher primates. While most parrots can imitate human voices they actually do not have vocal cords and produce the sounds by expelling air across the mouth of their trachea in what’s called a syrinx.

With that, all being said, sit back and enjoy the duo of Frank Maglio on his guitar and Tico the parrot jamming out to some amazing classic rock songs from Guns N’ Roses to Van Halen to Black Crowes & more!

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