Half of all new Guitarists are Women

A recent study by Fender showed more women are rocking than ever before- 50% of new guitarists are female!

A new study released Tuesday by guitar-maker Fender shows that women account for 50 percent of all beginner and aspirational players. Following in the footsteps of rocker chics Joan Jett, Lita Ford, and Cyndi Lauper.

“The fact that 50 percent of new guitar buyers in the U.K. were women was a surprise to the U.K. team, but it’s identical to what’s happening in the U.S.,” Fender CEO Andy Mooney tells Rolling Stone. “But young women are still driving 50 percent of new guitar sales. So the phenomenon seems like it’s got legs, and it’s happening worldwide.”

Fender has taken the study findings and is working with female artists and plans to cater to their new audience. They’ve already focused on a millennial-line of guitars with Warpaint and Bully. After Gibson’s bankruptcy filing earlier this year, Fender seems to be willing to rethink their marketing campaign.

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