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Source: Flickr Author: Greg Hernandez

Heart’s Ann & Nancy Wilson are Talking Again

The sisters have reconnected after their family drama, sparking rumors of a potential Heart reunion.

The Wilson sisters have made amends after some crazy family drama almost tour them (and the band) apart. It’s only been a few years since Ann’s husband Dean assaulted Nancy’s 16-year old twin sons backstage after a concert. Dean plead guilty to assault with a probational condition of not having contact with his nephews.

Ann Wilson confirmed to KSHE95 that she and Nancy are definitely now on speaking terms:

“Well, right now Nancy’s working with her band Roadcase Royale, I’m doing this — I’m doing my thing. And we don’t have any deadlines for Heart right now that I can talk about. Contrary to urban myth, there’s no feud between Nancy and I, we just wanted to get out and stretch our wings. And sure, we’re. . . we’re talking. We’re sisters. We’re in a family, y’know, (laughs) so, y’know, everything’s good there. I saw her a couple of months ago. I didn’t see the kids ’cause they’re off at school — but I saw her, and our other sister, Lynn. We had a get-together. It was good.”

Nancy has kept busy with her new band Roadcase Royale and was interviewed for the recent documentary Turn It Up! which celebrates the electric guitar and artists who rock them. While Nancy hasn’t made a statement at this time, or any confirmations of new music from Heart, her pinned tweet keeps the reunion a possibility.

Ann Wilson’s latest album Immortal  was recently released following her collection of cover songs titled Songs for the Living Vol. 1 with songs from Amy Winehouse, Bowie, Tom Petty, The Eagles (video below) and more.