Photo Credit: Andy Dean Photography Shutterstock ID 136157789

Is This The Most Metal House Ever?

Check out this house that’s one part football obsessed and one part metal obsessed.

This person is selling their house, and it’s interesting for a couple of reasons:

  1.  This person is clearly a massive Oakland Los Angeles Las Vegas Raiders fan.
  2.  They are clearly a big metal fan.
  3.  They’re selling a one bedroom, one bath house for $225,000?!?

The listing on Redfin has gone viral with over 317,000 views that one can safely assume are mostly to see the décor of the house. Or people in Baltimore are REALLY interested in buying this house. You can see all the pictures here. When you get to the bar, check out how much booze they have. Maybe the alcohol comes with the house and that’s why it’s listed at almost a quarter of a million dollars.