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KCMQ’s Classic Rock Alphabet Game

Knowing your ABC’s can win you COLD HARD CASH!

UPDATE: Congrats to all of our winners! All together we gave away over $1700! Thanks for playing along with us! We’ll be sure to let you know when we bring this game back!


If you know Classic Rock artists and know your alphabet, you’re in a great position to earn money with KCMQ’s Classic Rock Alphabet Game!

Here’s how to play:

  • Be listening weekdays at 7:35a, 11:35a, & 3:35p for the cue to call
  • Caller 7 to 1-800-455-1967, has to guess the “Secret Classic Rock Artist”
  • Based on your guess, we’ll tell you if our Secret Classic Rock Artist is closer to A or Z alphabetically to help you narrow it down. (ex. if the Secret Classic Rock Artist is Aerosmith and you guess Led Zeppelin, we’ll tell you it’s closer to A)
    • NOTE: If it’s a single artist, we’ll go by last name (ex. Bob Seger is under “S”). If the band starts with “The” we drop it. (ex. The Doors are under “D”)
  • Correctly identify the Secret Classic Rock Artist and you win CASH
  • We’ll start each jackpot off at $50 and the pot increases by $25 for each incorrect guess

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