KCMQ Prize Contributor

KCMQ’s Prize Contributor

Win a prize pack you help create in KCMQ’s Prize Contributor!

UPDATE: Congrats to Brad Boyer of Columbia! He is the winner of the KCMQ Prize Contributor and has won all 59 contributed prizes! See the full list of prizes below!

Joe Lose, Trevor, Brad Boyer (winner), & Shags

We wanted to send a special thank you to everyone who played along and contributed to this game. We honestly thought this had a 50% chance of falling flat on its face, but you all stepped up and blew all of our expectations out of the water! Thank you for doing your part to make this crazy time a bit brighter for us and all of Mid-Missouri!

Check our video of us unloading the KCMQ Truck full of prizes!


Unprecedented times call for unprecedented radio giveaways.

With the KCMQ Prize Eliminator on hold, we came up with a game to play… but we’ll need your help!

The KCMQ Prize Contributor allows you to win a prize package you help create!

Here’s how it works:

  • Caller seven at 7:35a & 3:35p to 1-800-455-1967 at 7:35a & 3:35p will have the option to contribute a prize or not.
  • Either way, you’ll be qualified to win all of the contributed prizes!
  • Just remember, if no one contributes a prize we have nothing to giveaway!
  • We’ll randomly choose from our qualifiers to win all of the contributed prizes!

How to pick a prize to contribute:

  • We’re looking for cool, interesting, and/ or weird prizes.
  • Think about items you have that you’d be willing to contribute to a white elephant party. That’s what we’re looking for!
  • Just remember any prize you contribute will not be given back to you. So don’t give up something you want to keep.

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The Prize List (Not all prizes are pictured): 

  1. All-Terrain Wagon contributed by Graf’s Reloading Supercenter in Mexico
  2. Hand Crafted Duck and Goose Calls  contributed by Gene from Mexico
  3. 10 Brand New Hot Wheel Cars contributed by Tony from Columbia
  4. A Furbo Dog Camera contributed by Trevor
  5. High school baseball sweatshirt (with “Lose” on the hood) and American flag aviators contributed by Joe Lose
  6. A Glass Flask with Carrying Case contributed by Mike in Columbia
  7. $10 Taco Bell Gift Card contributed by Cari from Clark
  8. A Fishing Rod and Reel contributed by Shags
  9. Beer & Whiskey Tin Signs contributed by Mark from Eldon
  10. Trump Flag contributed by Eric from Holts Summit
  11. $20 Lizzi & Rocco’s Gift Card contributed by Chris from Ashland 
  12. A case of Bud Light contributed by Carla from Auxvasse (in the form of a $20 gift card, because of rules and stuff)
  13. A toilet seat contributed by Brain Wear Plumbing
  14. 2 Lexo coffee mugs with The Morning Shag Logo contributed by Hahn Custom Lazer Engraving
  15. 4 Decorative Wine Gift Boxes contributed by Mike from Columbia
  16. A pint of raw honey contributed by Steve from Fayette
  17. An antique book from 1898 contributed by Robert from Columbia.
  18. Cookbooks contributed by Becky from Linn
  19. A brand new Amazon Echo Dot contributed by Quinten from Columbia
  20. A gas & charcoal grill with Gift Card to Hoss Market contributed by AnnaMarie Hopkins at Columbia Real Estate 
  21. A gross (144) golf balls collected from The Centralia Golf course contributed by Mike from Centralia (he cuts the grass there)
  22. A Walnut Live Edge Board contributed by Sharon from Holts Summit
  23. An end grain cutting board contributed by Wes from Jefferson City
  24. A Baby Groot Chia Pet contributed by Christina from Moberly
  25. An old cooler full of soda contributed by Jake from Chamois
  26. An oil change from Lee’s Tire Company 
  27. A $25 gift card to Kempker Landscaping & Lawn Care from Joe in Jefferson City
  28. A gallon of concentrated disinfectant contributed by Darrell from Columbia
  29. A Tiger Painting contributed by Jerry from Columbia
  30. A Glass Drinking Boot contributed by Jason from Columbia
  31. Autographed Sammy Hagar Cabo Wabo hat contributed by Sam in Columbia 
  32. A smart thermostat contributed by Becky from Columbia 
  33. 3 Disc Golf Discs contributed by Harrison from Prairie Home
  34. Metal Wall Art to Commemorate Veterans from Fluid Power Support 
  35. A gift certificate to get deer mounted (European deer mount) from Price in Ashland 
  36. A Case of St. Louis Sauced BBQ Ribs from Burger Smokehouse (in the form of a gift card) contributed by Randy
  37. A White Snake Skin Purse contributed by Sherry from Mexico
  38. Homemade Windchimes contributed by Matt in Columbia
  39. A naked photoshop of Trevor from The Morning Shag contributed by Darla from Fulton 
  40. A 1983 Los Angeles Dodgers team signed baseball by Brad in Columbia 
  41. 2 hand-painted wine glasses contributed by Kim from Hallsville 
  42. A Handcrafted Duck Decoy contributed by Jim from Columbia
  43. $10 gift certificate to Aardvarx contributed by Melissa from Columbia
  44. $100 Wal-Mart Gift Card contributed by Zach from Jefferson City
  45. $50 cash and a Dream Catcher contributed by Daniel from Russelville
  46. 2 in 1 Lawn Darts and Bocce Darts contributed by Nina from Brumley
  47. Collection of baseball cards contributed by Arthur in Jefferson City
  48. A Taylor-Made Golf Driver contributed by Ron from Linn 
  49. A collectible fountain pen with some ink from John in Columbia
  50. A piece of a headliner from a car signed by the band Soil contributed by Flipper from Arrow Rock
  51. $30 Gift Card to Break Time contributed by Wade from Jefferson City
  52. Hot Wheels 1:24 Race Day Series: Mark Martin contributed by Beazl
  53. 1-ounce silver bar contributed by Donnie in Mexico
  54. $25 worth of scratcher tickets contributed by Cheryl from Auxvasse   
  55. 100 Pounds of farm-raised beef contributed by Randy from Columbia 
  56. A buck pocket knife contributed by Kenneth from Jamestown
  57. $25 Gift Card to The Dive Bar contributed by Ellen from Columbia 
  58. An NRA Collectable Wildlife Coin contributed by Billy from Gravois
  59. Cookbooks and a baking sheet contributed by Janice in Prairie Home


Prizes will be collected by KCMQ and sanitized before delivery to the winner.

Contest Rules