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Make a Movie Worse by Inserting ‘Moist’ in the Title

Shags and Trevor found a Reddit thread that asked a simple question: You have to ruin a movie by inserting the word “moist” in the title. What is the new title?

As per usual, the Morning Shag listeners did a better job than Reddit readers. Here are some of our favorite responses to the question.

  • When Harry Met Moist Sally
  • Indiana Jones and The Temple of Moist
  • The Wizard of Moist
  • Pretty Moist Woman
  • 12 Angry Moist Men
  • Back To The Moist Future
  • The Good, The Bad, The Moist, and the Ugly
  • Fast and the Moist
  • Too Fast, Too Moist
  • Moist and Confused
  • No Country for Old Moist Men
  • Die Moist with a Vengence
  • Moist Times at Ridgemont High
  • Moist in 60 Seconds

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