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Meteor showers coming to Missouri this Summer

The Show-Me State skys are getting lit up by the Perseid meteor showers this summer. 

Missouri is the best place for star-gazing on any given night. After being in the prime viewing spot for the Solar Eclipse last year, Missouri is also going to be in prime-viewing area for the Perseid meteor showers in August. The annual meteor shower will be on the evenings of August 11th & 12th. Most of the meteors will happen closer to dawn and are best viewed in a rural area with little light pollution.

Washington State Park in De Soto is hosting a special meteor shower event where ampers can pitch a tent or open-air sleep free of cost to get a great view of the meteor shower. There will also be programming throughout the night that will enhance the meteor viewing experience. For more infomation about watching the meteor shower from Washington State Park, visit their event page here. You can find Washington State Park at 13041 State Hwy. 104, De Soto, MO 63020.