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Toilet Paper

What Should Shags Name His New Toilet?

Shags has a new toilet put in at his fishing trailer, “The Polish Embassy”. The make and model of the toilet is “The Gerber Viper”. We found that to be a bit aggressive. So we’re taking new name ideas for Shags’ toilet. Happy Election Day!

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Better Ways to Respond to “How Are You?”

When asked, “How are you?” we tend to give the standard responses. ‘I’m fine’, “Good”, ‘Busy’. But these are boring and expected! We can do better! What is a better way to respond to the question, “How are you?” Here are some of our favorite responses from listeners:

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Beer Myths: Debunked

August 5th is International Beer Day. One of several different drinking ‘holidays’. To help you enjoy without guilt here are few beer myths, debunked!

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