Annoying Sounds
Photo Credit: Helder Almeida Shutterstock ID: 170949848

Most Annoying Sounds

What do Morning Shag listeners think is the most annoying sound? And no, it’s not Trevor’s voice.

Shags and Trevor found out what sound experts think is the most annoying sounds to humans.

But as always, they’re more interested in what you think. Here are some of our most favorite answers to “What The Most Annoying Sound”?

  • Smoke detectors beeping because of low battery
  • Anyone Face Timing in public instantly becomes more annoying than anything else
  • A buzzing ballast in a fluorescent light in a quiet room
  • Metal fork scrapping on a plate
  • Cat hacking up a hair ball
  • Squirrels on opening day
  • My alarm clock
  • The phrase, “in these trying times”
  • Whenever Trevor starts talking about rules and following them.

What do you think is the most annoying noise?

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