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Nicci’s Blog: What’s your ‘funeral’ song?

I saw an article the other day about the rise in popularity of hand-picked funeral songs.  It seems AC/DC’s “Highway To Hell,” Zeppelin’s “Stairway To Heaven” along with Dylan’s “Knocking On Heaven’s Door” are all popular songs for funerals these days.  This got me to thinking: how awkward would it be to hit “play” on a cd player during a funeral, and are these types of funeral songs appropriate?

I guess it could possibly be inappropriate to the funeral attendees if they are a hard-core traditionalist – because obviously the person getting buried won’t be bothered by it.  But if the song truly reflects an attitude or last wish of the deceased, then shouldn’t it be OK?  I would think so…as long as the song is played without a big gap in the ceremony or out of a $40 “jam” box.

So then the next consideration: what song to play?  I have one for my funeral – Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Life Without You.” If you haven’t heard it, you should check it out.  I think it’s pretty appropriate, but hey – I could be wrong.  Depends on your outlook.  But I think it beats the Hell out of “Amazing Grace” for the millionth time.

What song do you want played at YOUR funeral?

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