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Ozzy’s Yule Log For The Holidays

Since a lot of people are staying home for the holidays, you might need a rockin’ yule log to keep you warm & fuzzy. The Prince Of Darkness has you covered!

Ozzy Osbourne has stepped up to help you with The Blizzard Ozzy Yule Log!

An hour long-burning yule log that has 13 tracks from Ozzy‘s catalog that include classics like “Diary Of A Mad Man”, “No More Tears”, & “Crazy Train” to hidden gems like “Thank God For The Bomb” & “Revelation (Mother Earth)” to cuts from his latest album ‘Ordinary Man’, “Under The Graveyard” & “Ordinary Man” featuring Elton John.

Here’s the full set list of where to find the songs:

0:05 – Under the Graveyard

5:08 – All My Life

9:30 – Dreamer

14:21 Ultimate Sin

18:10 – Revelation (Mother Earth)

24:23 – Holy for Tonight

29:21 – See You On the Other Side

35:36 – Crazy Train

40:31 – Ordinary Man

45:38 – Thank God for the Bomb

53:52 – No More Tears

1:01:20 – Road to Nowhere

1:06:34 – Diary of a Madman