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Daily Dumbass April 10, 2019

Some men already use Axe body spray way too much, but today’s dumbass took it to a new level.  A guy named Efren got pulled over in South Carolina after a cop saw him speeding and swerving.  When the cop walked up to Efren’s car, he saw him frantically spraying …

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Daily Dumbass March 29, 2019

Gotta give it to this guy for his creative attempt to sober up. A guy in South Carolina got stopped for a DUI and tried to cover up his boozy breath by using Axe deodorant. Too bad the cop who pulled him over saw him spray Axe directly into his …

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Daily Dumbass Nov. 5, 2018

Oh boy…a classic case of “do as I say, not as I do.”  An elementary school assistant principle in Louisiana drove to school drunk on the Monday of Alcohol Awareness Week. Cops gave her a breathalyzer in the school parking lot and her blood-alcohol level was almost three times the …

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