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Papa was a Rolling Stone

Over 30 kids (ranging from ages 1-58) can call members of the Rolling Stones ‘Papa’.

The Rolling Stones gathered no moss when it came to fathering kids. Between Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, Charlie Watts, Brian Jones, Bill Wyman, and Mick Taylor over 30 kids have been born or adopted into the Rolling Stones family.

Barry David Corbett/Simon (Born: May 29, 1960)
Three years before the band formed Brian Jones became a father with his girlfriend Valerie Corbett. Brian tried to marry Corbett, but her parents refused the teenagers request and their child was put up for adoption. The eldest child born to a Rolling Stone, Barry David Corbett/Simon didn’t discover his famous parentage until 2004 after Jones’ death.

‘Belinda’ (Born: Aug. 4, 1960)
Jones had a one-night stand after seeing a blues band in Guildford that left a married woman pregnant with his child. ‘Belinda’ was raised by her parents and only realized her father was Brian Jones when her brother brought home a Rolling Stones album. Band-member Bill Wyman claims Jones never knew about ‘Belinda’ in his book Stone Alone.

Julian Mark Andrews (Born: Oct. 22, 1961)
Brian Jones certainly got around, fathering yet another child with another woman: girlfriend Pat Andrews. Jones sold his record collection to buy clothes for the baby, born Julian Mark Andrews and named for jazz great Julian “Cannonball” Adderly.

Stephen Paul Wyman (Born: March 29, 1962)
Bill Wyman was the next father in the band, fathering a son with his first wife Diane. Things got weird between father and son when Bill divorced Diane and married 18-year-old model/singer Mandy Smith and Stephen got engaged to Mandy’s mother Patsy Smith. Neither marriage lasted and no children were conceived, preventing a twisted family tree.

Julian Brian Jones (Born: July 23, 1964)
Brian Jones’ fourth child (also named after Cannonball Adderly) changed his middle name from Jones to Leitch and was raised by mom Linda Lawrence and adoptive father, the folk-rocker Donovan.

Paul Andrew Malloy/John Maynard (Born: March 24, 1965)
Brian Jones’ fifth (and last known) child was put up for adoption after Stones’ manager Oldham paid his on-again, off-again girlfriend Dawn Molloy to not mention her relationship with Jones or pregnancy in the press. Maynard reconnected with his mother and Bill Wyman decades later after discovering his father was the late Rolling Stone.

Seraphina Watts (Born: March 18, 1968)
Charlie Watts settled down before the Stones took off, marrying Shirley and keeping his personal life with her private. Their only child together was born in ’68 and was shielded from the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle as much as possible, going to boarding school at age 14 (she was later kicked out for allegedly smoking weed). Seraphina later married and gave birth to Charlie and Shirley’s only granddaughter, Charlotte.

Marlon Leon Sundeep Richards (Born: Aug. 10, 1969)
Once rumored to be the son of Brian Jones, (mother Anita Pallenberg left Brian for Keith) Richards’ eldest son Marlon became a permanent member of the Stones’ entourage. Legend has it he learned to count with elevator buttons and his first words were “room service”.

Karis Hunt Jagger (Born: Nov. 4, 1970)
Mick’s oldest child with African-American model/actress/singer Marsha Hunt was born from a hush-hush relationship that was rumored to inspire their hit “Brown Sugar”. Jagger denied paternity for years before finally settling out of court and has since developed a close relationship with his daughter.

Chloe Taylor (Born Jan. 6, 1971)
Shortly after replacing Brian Jones on lead guitar, Mick Taylor became a father with his girlfriend Rose Miller giving birth to their daughter Chloe. They married a few years after (around the time Taylor left the band) but it didn’t last and Mick lost touch with his daughter. “It was very difficult to keep the relationship with Chloe going when I was in America and into the drugs,” he would later say, adding that they have patched things up. Chloe has a daughter named Eleanor, about whom Mick says “is the only one allowed to call me granddad.”

Jade Sheena Jezebel Jagger (Born: Oct. 21, 1971)
Jade is the only child born to Mick and first wife Bianca Jagger and was often babysat by Andy Warhol, growing up with an interest in art and design. Jade gave birth to two daughters (Assisi and Lola) in her teens and early twenties and became a grandmother with the birth of Assisi’s first child. That’s right, Sir Mick is a great-grandfather.

Dandelion Angela Richards (Born: April 17, 1972)
Richards’ and longtime girlfriend Anita Pallenberg got pregnant during the recording of Exile in Main St. in the south of France while heavily using heroin. Anita planned on terminating the pregnancy but never got the procedure, giving birth to daughter Dandelion in Switzerland. Dandelion was sent to England to live with Keith’s mother Doris, sheltered from the excesses of the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. Dandelion (who goes by her middle name, Angela) has been spotted in recent years at Stones performances and dinner dates with her dad.

Jamie Wood (Born: 1973)
Ronnie Wood adopted son Jamie (born in 1973 to Ronnie’s future/now ex- wife Jo and her then-husband, clothing boss Peter Greene) and raised him as his as own. Jamie moved around quite a bit due to his parent’s lifestyles and was kicked out of multiple schools for drug-related issues. Eventually he cleaned up (by joining the Stones on tour, of all things) and is now a family man with a wife and multiple children.

Tara Jo Jo Gunne Richards (Born: March 26, 1976)
Keith and Anita’s third child ,Tara Jo Jo Gunne (a boy), only lived 10 weeks dying while he was on tour. Pallenberg blamed her rampant drug use during her pregnancy for Tara’s tragic death while Richards wrote in his autobiography that his relationship with Marlon saved him from a spiral of depression.

Jesse James Wood (Born: Oct. 30, 1976)
Jesse is the product of Ronnie Wood’s first marriage to model Krissy Findlay, which lasted from 1971-78. Growing up in the rock ‘n’ roll world, Jesse decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a musician. Also like his father, he’s struggled with addiction, and they entered rehab together in 2011.

Leah Wood (Born: Sept. 22, 1978)
Leah was the first child born to Ronnie and Jo Wood and also followed her dad into the music industry, forming a self-named band whose biggest claim to fame is opening for one of David Bowie’s tours. When Jo was pregnant and past her due date, Keith Richards jokingly told her to sit on a amplifier during a Stones practice to coax her baby out.

Tyrone Wood (Born: Aug. 21, 1983)
Jo and Ronnie’s second child together, Tyrone, shunned his dad’s musical obsessions in favor of the art world. He is a fixture on the London art scene, working as a director at a number of galleries and collaborating with half-brother Jamie at Scream Gallery.

Elizabeth Scarlet Jagger (Born: March 2, 1984)
Elizabeth is the first child born from Mick’s relationship with American model and actress Jerry Hall. Lizzy made big news when it was revealed she was dating John Lennon’s son Sean, but the Beatles-Stones union didn’t last.

Theodora Dupree Richards (Born: March 18, 1985)
Keith Richards married American model and actress Patti Hansen and soon after welcomed their first child, Theodora. Theodora received some unwelcome attention in 2011 when she was stopped by police for writing on a convent wall. It wouldn’t have been too big of a deal if it weren’t for the drugs in her possession.

James Leroy Augustin Jagger (Born: Aug. 28, 1985)
Mick and Jerry’s second child’s acting ambitions began when he was a teen. His credits include roles in Sex & Drugs & Rock & RollMr. Nice and Stealing Summers. He got his biggest break yet in 2016 when he appeared in Vinyl, an HBO series about the ’70s’ rock scene, as Kip Stevens, the singer of a pre-punk band named Nasty Bits.

Alexandra Nicole Richards (Born: July 28, 1986)
The youngest daughter born to Keith and Patti followed the path of her mom and older sister Theodora when she chose to become a model. Alexandra has also done a bit of acting, appearing in a 2009 episode of Gossip Girl.

Georgia May Ayeesha Jagger (Born: Jan. 12, 1992)
Another Rolling Stones kid, another model. Georgia May is the younger daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, and the first of their children born after the pair wed in 1990. She signed a modeling contract at age 16, and has gone on to model for such famous brands as Chanel, H&M, Versace and Vivienne Westwood. Like her sister Lizzy, she also sang backup for her dad on his 2001 solo record Goddess in the Doorway.

Katharine Noelle Wyman (Born: Sept. 4, 1994)
Not long after Bill Wyman’s short-lived marriage to the young model Mandy Smith, Wyman proposed to another young model (but at least this one was out of her teens). Katharine is Bill and Suzanne’s eldest daughter, born in London in 1994.

Jessica Rose Wyman (Born: November 1995)
A little more than a year after her older sister was born, Jessica joined the Wymans’ expanding brood in 1995. Bill later said how happy it made him to have another chance at fatherhood, seeing as his oldest son Steven was born right before the Rolling Stones became famous and the rigors of the road kept him away from his boy.

Gabriel Luke Beauregard Jagger (Born: Dec. 9, 1997)
As with the other children of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, Gabriel has taken a shot at modeling, but he didn’t much care for the hot, bright lights that come with the job. Instead, he prefers to write poetry, listing Emily Dickinson and Edgar Allen Poe as his favorites.

Matilda Mae Wyman (Born: April 27, 1998)
Matilda, the youngest of Bill Wyman’s three daughters with Suzanne Accosta, arrived in 1998. In an interview Matilda, then nine, discussed her father’s show with the Rhythm Kings, explaining that she didn’t think he was very good because he never sang. Wyman later said one of the best things about the anniversary shows he played with the Stones in 2012 was that his three daughters got to see him play with his old mates for the first time.

Emma Taylor (Born: 1998)
Former Stones guitarist Mick Taylor’s youngest daughter Emma is the product of a relationship he had with an American woman who sang backing vocals for his band. While pregnant with Emma, her mother, Susan, met Hans McMinamin, a musician in a German blues band. The couple married and raised Emma in Florida, where Hans played in local bands and founded a rock ‘n’ roll school.

Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger (Born: May 18, 1999)
Lucas was, for many years, the youngest Rolling Stones child. Infamously, his birth broke up the nine-year marriage of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall when Mick’s wife found out about his out-of-wedlock child in the newspaper. Lucas’ mom is Brazilian model and TV hostess Luciana Gimenez, with whom Jagger had a one-time dalliance after a Stones show in Rio de Janeiro.

Gracie Jane and Alice Rose Wood (May 30, 2016)
Two days before Ron Wood turned 69, his wife, theater producer Sally Humphreys Wood, gave birth to twins, named Gracie Jane and Alice Rose. Although they were his fifth and sixth child, they were his first with Sally, whom he married in 2012 and is 30 years his junior.

Deveraux Octavian Basil Jagger (Born: Dec. 8, 2016)
Mick Jagger’s eighth child and youngest of the Rolling Stones clan, Deveraux was born when the rocker was 72. His father and mother, ballerina Melanie Hamrick — more than 40 years Jagger’s junior — have been dating since 2014. Hamrick is a dancer with the American Ballet Theatre. Mick’s even taking Deveraux on tour.