Pearl Jam
Photo Credit: Jarretera. Shutterstock photo ID: 1302248932

Pearl Jam Sends Cease & Desist To Tribute Band

If you’re planning to form a tribute band, you should probably be a bit more creative than this with the name. Pearl Jam has sent a cease and desist order to a tribute band called…you ready for this?

Pearl Jamm.

The real Pearl Jam has demanded that Pearl Jamm “destroy merchandise with the Pearl Jamm name and hand over email addresses and web domains associated with the band.” Pearl Jamm responded with a letter saying that Pearl Jam has “broken our hearts” and they claim Pearl Jam has known about the tribute band for years. Pearl Jamm has since changed their name to Legal Jam, which to be fair, is pretty funny.

Obviously, this sucks for Pearl Jamm, but maybe next time pick a name that’s more creative than adding one letter.


[h/t Loudwire]