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Phil Collins’s Birthday is just the Beginning

The “Easy Lover” celebrates another trip around the sun with his 17-year-old son on the drums.Phil Collins has extended his ‘Not Yet Dead’ world tour, relinquishing his seat at the drums to his 17-year-old son, Nicholas. Collins has recently had back surgery and hip issues and now only drums sparingly. Defending his choice of successors, Collins told Australian show The Project:

“It’s not because he’s the boss’ son that he’s playing the drums, it’s because he’s good enough. Nicholas has played the drums since he was two years old, and first surprised the band at a recent charity gala. The band fell in love with him… suddenly it was like he knew what he was doing and wasn’t in awe of the situation. I’m very pleased for him, and for me, that we get to go through this together.”

It may be Collins’s birthday, but his son is the one receiving the gifts.

Check out Nicholas below playing drums for “In the Air Tonight”

Phil recently said that he would be up for a Genesis reunion, but only if Nicholas could play the drums instead of him.

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