Virtual Concert set up
Photo Credit: Skreidzeleu Shutterstock royalty-free stock photo ID: 1896260443

Quiet Riot Singer Jizzy Pearl Is Not A Fan Of Virtual Concerts

In these bizarre COVID times, virtual concerts have become quite the thing, but at least one person isn’t a fan: Quiet Riot’s Jizzy Pearl. He has thoughts and took to – what else? – Facebook to share them.

In a since deleted Facebook post, Pearl said:

“Your Rock Star mystique is not enhanced by the visual of you sitting at your computer, I don’t care if you’re Brian May. Also the constant pandering for money…doesn’t look good. We as musicians all have bills for sure but Jesus…maybe that Mercedes SUV wasn’t a good idea.”

That Mercedes SUV is ALWAYS a good idea. Certainly virtual concerts aren’t ideal, but it’s better than nothing and they are probably going to be part of our lives for a few more months. Maybe if Jizzy had given some ideas as to what musicians could do instead of the virtual concerts, he wouldn’t have had to delete those posts. Not that it matters since the internet never forgets.