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RUSH To Release Super Deluxe 40th Anniversary Moving Pictures Edition

Do you love Rush? Do you love Deluxe releases? How about SUPER Deluxe?! What is this, a McDonald’s menu?? Rush just announced that they’ll be releasing a Super Deluxe Edition of Moving Pictures for their 40th Anniversary, and it is LOADED with cool stuff. It’ll come in six physical and digital configurations, so you can choose whichever you want.

The different packages include the 2015 album remaster; the complete, previously-unreleased Toronto concert from March 25, 1981, music videos for “YYZ,” “Tom Sawyer,” “Limelight” and “Vital Signs.”

The Super Deluxe Edition adds more, including new artwork and illustrations by Hugh Syme. There’s a 44-page hardcover book with liner notes from the band, too.

The band has even included extras like a Red Barchetta model car, Neil Peart signature MP40 drumsticks, two metal guitar picks engraved with Geddy Leeand Alex Lifeson’s signatures, 1981 tour programs, posters and a lot more.

Pre-order it now HERE!