Sharon Osbourne rips AEG a new one after Lawsuit Dismissal

Sharon has proven time again that she’s ready to go to bat for her husband Ozzy.

The Osbournes dropped their case against AEG last week after the entertainment giant agreed to drop their block-booking policy, which was forcing Ozzy to play the Staples Center in LA. Sharon claims that AEG attempted to add a provision stating that if Ozzy played an indoor arena within 25 miles of Los Angeles that was promoted by competitor Live Nation during the tour, he would have to play the AEG-owned Staples Center as well.

Sharon wrote in an open letter, “Shame on AEG for bringing artists into a power struggle you’re having with your competitor, Live Nation. This is a staggering attempt to blackmail Ozzy into playing your venue in Los Angeles.” 

Sharon threatened legal action against AEG if Ozzy’s London date was not confirmed, adding, “I find the way you’re conducting yourself and your company to be no more than childish playground tactics. I cannot be involved in a squabble between two venue owning promoters as my interests only lie 100 percent with Ozzy.”

AEG agreed to drop their block-booking policy for Ozzy’s show and after the dismissal, it could have all ended there. But instead, AEG issued a statement to Billboard claiming victory…It was hatched on the back of an artist who we believe had no idea what he was biting off. The suit was a transparent public relations ploy that failed to pressure AEG into backing down from a booking policy that was an effective competitive response to the MSG-Forum tie.”

Sharon was quick to respond as Ozzy’s wife and manager, and gave AEG a piece of her mind. (via Loudwire)

“the fact is that Ozzy sued AEG for the right to perform at the O2 in London. We won the case and Ozzy’s show at the O2 went on sale–so in my world that means we won the case. To say that this “suit was hatched on the back of an artist who we believe had no idea what he was biting off,” is untrue and disrespectful to Ozzy, myself and the entire team working on this tour. So stop with your hubbildy, bubbuldy BULLSHIT and your little pissing contest with Live Nation and MSG. Let’s not all forget why you’re here…the artists.

“The only thing remotely interesting in your statement was your pitiful attempt at humor with your quote that Ozzy “had no idea what he was biting off.” If you’re interested, Ozzy and I have got something nice for you bite on…our a–holes…see ya loser!”

Don’t mess with Sharon!